Get the latest vending technology, including cashless payment, wireless monitoring, and more when you choose Wilmore Snack Sales.

State-of-the-Art vending technology for Shreveport, Northern Louisiana, and Eastern Texas.

Advanced Technology

We stay at the forefront of vending machine technology, ensuring you get the best and most reliable equipment.

Wireless Monitoring

With wireless monitoring, we know when your vending machine needs filling or service - usually even before you do!

Cashless Payment

Our machines are capable of cashless payment, so you can pay with a credit/debit card in addition to bills.

Energy Efficient

Don’t worry about how much our vending machines will cost to run - energy efficient technology means you’ll hardly notice a difference.

Bill Recyclers

Bill recyclers ensure that if you have to pay for your $2 snack with a $20 bill, you’ll get bills back instead of all quarters.

Quick Response

We are dedicated to responding to every service call quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Automated Product Delivery

SureVend technology means you’ll never suffer from not getting your money back if a product isn’t delivered.

LED Lighting

LED lighting saves you money while still allowing for optimum visibility of your vending machine’s offerings.

Product Variety

Whatever you want for your vending machine, we can get it. Let us know your favorite brands and flavors!

Gimme logo

Our machine refill personnel are equipped with award-winning software and hardware that have changed the game for the vending industry. Gimme builds an app for iPads to make sure we always know which products go where and how many are in your machines, all-wireless and handled through the cloud.

You want the best technology working for your machines, you got it.

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Say goodbye to product jams with our guaranteed delivery
Guaranteed Delivery
Highly efficient equipment with Energy Star
Energy Star Equipment
Wireless monitoring in our state-of-the-line equipment
Wireless Monitoring
Cashless payment for quick and easy payment options
Cashless Payment

Our regular service area includes:

Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City, Monroe, W. Monroe, Ruston, Natchitoches
Texas: Longview, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Marshall, Center